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Slovenia has a richness that extends beyond its luscious landscape to its gastronomy

A tiny Central European country, is known foremost for its expansive natural diversity. A place that houses soaring alpine peaks, undulating hills and babbling brooks all under one rugged-roof, such a focus is hardly surprising. However, Slovenia has a richness that extends far beyond its luscious landscape stretching to its glorious gastronomy. Indeed, foodies’ eyes everywhere bulge at the sight of Slovenia’s restaurants and delcious dishes (just remember that age-old saying about eyes and bellies!)

Surrounded by culinary-countries such as Italy, Austria and Croatia, Slovenia competes only with the very best. As a country previously under Austro-Hungarian rule, German influences prevail to form delicious national dishes; goulash and the Kranjska Klobasa sausage are just a few. However, so much more, Slovenia’s slow-cooking is a surprising fusion of flavours with even a Mediterranean taste thrown into the mix.

At the heart of Slovenia’s culinary culture lies the Gostilna. Slovenia’s version of ‘the local’, Gostilnas are a great place to sample some regional dishes. As lunch is Slovenia’s most important meal of the day (not our trusty breakfast), these local hang-outs are a popular place to sit-down for Sunday lunch. Dishes such as traditional veal roast and home-made chicken soup with noodles are served, putting our local chicken-pot-pie and beef wellington to shame. These friendly-family run businesses are a perfect place to dose up on some dumplings and slosh-back a chilled beer (brewed from the local Lasko or Union breweries), surrounded by some great company. You will walk out (or stumble out, as the case may be), feeling suitably satisfied.

Kranjska KlobasaKranjska KlobasaGoulashGoulashDumplingsDumplingsPoppy Seed RollsPoppy Seed Rolls

For those who seek out a little sophistication, Slovenia is more than just meat-feast stews and slosh-swilling beers. With three distinct wine regions, Slovenia is also home to some distinctly tasty award-winning wines. Fresh and fruity regional wines can be found throughout, including Teran, Rumeni Muskat, Malvazija and Rebula. However for the ladies-who-love-all-things-light, the low alcohol Cvicek wine from the Posavje region is a tasty tipple, (delicious flavour without all the naughty calories!)

‘And what for dessert?’, I hear you cry. Well, our local expert recommends a generous helping of the scrumptious Potica cake. A cake filled with walnuts, poppy seeds, raisons and honey, this sweet-treat is worth ditching the diet for. Chased down with Slovenia’s smooth Borovnicevec blueberry liquor, you will be left spinning in your web of sugary goodness.

A traditional hearty stewA traditional hearty stew