Postojna Cave Attractions

Postojna Cave, now in its second century of attracting throngs of admirers from all over the world, was also a challenge for the bold explorers of the underworld who, with patience and perseverance, penetrated ever deeper underground.

The visitor's curiosity is satisfied by facts about the formation of caves, a guided visit through passages and chambers and, above all, by observing the stalactites hanging from the ceiling, the stalagmites growing up from the floor, the pillars formed when stalactites and stalagmites meet, the folds of calcite curtains and the other sequences of fantastic shapes and forms. Of particular importance is that every visitor – tourist without having caver equipment is able to see most of these various forms and phenomena. The parts of the Postojna Cave System known today cover a total of 21 kilometres and include: Postojna Cave, the Otok Cave, the Pivka Cave, the Black Cave and Planina Cave.

The desire for knowledge has also prompted experts in karst phenomena and life in the karst to research the special geological features of the cave, the formation and development of speleothems (the generic term for calcite formations in caves), and the living creatures that are found in caves – both those that have strayed underground by chance and those that have adapted to life in eternal darkness – Indeed the most famous one is the Human Fish (Proteus Anguinus) – a unique creature with no eyes, which can grow up to 30cm in length and feeds on snails and worms. Human Fish (it got this name because of the pale colour of its skin) lives only in caves of the Dinaric Karst in South-Eastern Europe.

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