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The city of Postojna is the centre of the Inner Carniola region, which is most famous for its Dinaric world. Plenty of rain and snow falls on the limestone and dolomite surface of the mountains and plateau of that region that has turned to karst, but all that water disappears in the ground and reappears on the borders of the lower karst fields and valleys.

One of the biggest characteristics of the area of the Inner Carniola is certainly the Postojnska jama (Postojna Cave), which belongs to the largest and no doubt the most beautiful karst caves in the world. The visitors have been driving through the cave with the cave railroad since 1872, and the beauty of the mighty stalactites and stalagmites has been lightened with dim lights for a long time. The Postojna Cave is a natural wonderland and it will most definitely reassure that the nature is the greatest artist of all. Only 10 km away from the cave visitors can also admire a majestic Predjama castle which is the most preserved cave castle in Europe. 

The periodic lake Cerkniško jezero, which lies nearby by the little town of Cerknica, can reach the size even up to 24 km2 and is therefore occasionally the largest natural bowl of continental water in Slovenia.


A part of karst stretches also through a part of Inner Carniola and attracts admirers of nature, distinctive karst world, horses, cultural legacy and culinary art. It is characterized by the previous position between the continental climate of the central Slovenia and mild sub-mediterranean climate of the Northern Adriatic Sea. In the area of karst it is impossible to say no to Karst smoked ham with a glass of vintage wine called Teran.

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