Logar Valley Attractions

This trough-like valley was created by the play of the nature deep in the heart of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, enshrouded by the lofty peaks all of which rise above 2,000 metres. A tranquil walk in the valley and the surrounding area reminds us of the centuries-old harmony here between men and nature.

The foundations of the picturesque Alpine valley one can enjoy today were in fact laid down during the last Ice Age when a huge glacier abraded a 7-km long, 250-m wide U shaped basin. The valley is divided into three parts: the lower tract is called Log, the central one Plest, whilst the upper part is known as Kot. Log and Plest are covered by meadows, whilst Kot is partially forested. Behind the green scenery of the forest one can hear the magnificent cascading of the Rinka Waterfall.

This magnificent 90-metre high arc of water is Rinka, the highest single and unbroken waterfall in Slovenia which, because of enormous size and beauty, was proclaimed a natural monument in 1987.
A characteristic mark is also imparted by the farmsteads which have over the centuries aided in contriving a cultural landscape fashioned by the hand of man. Because of all this Logarska Dolina was made a regional park, the future image of which rests on the successful development of quality tourism in symbiosis with nature.

Thanks to its unique position it represents an excellent starting point for many attractive climbs on the peaks of the Savinja Alps.

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