Slovenia Public Transportation

  • Travelling by train

Trains and railways in Slovenia are modern, comfortable and cheap. By train you reach almost every touristically important place in Slovenia. The discounts are available for young people, students, families, pensioners etc.

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Connections with foreign countries are very good as well. You can travel to Slovenia by a direct train from Italy (?Venice, Trieste?), Austria (Vienna, Graz, Villach, Salzburg), Hungary (Budapest), Croatia (Zagreb, Rijeka, Opatija, Pula), Czech Republic (Prague), Germany (Frankfurt, Munich), Switzerland (Zürich), and Greece, Macedonia and Serbia (Salonica, Skopje, Beograd).

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Since 1 January 2008 Slovenia is part of EURAIL Global Pass network. Slovenia became the 20th country to which tourists can travel by train with only one train ticket, valid in all EURAIL countries. Tickets can be purchased in all EU countries including Croatia, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Monaco, Switzerland and Norway. Tickets are available for different time periods – from 10 days to three months, with the possibility of combining days in different months.

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Museum train

Slovenian collection of old railway vehicles comprises more than 50 steam locomotives, approximately 30 wagons and numerous other old vehicles. What you can do is to take a ride on the real steam train from the times of our ancestors. The train will most definitely take you to the past and at the same time you will be able to admire the picturesque lake Bled, amazing Bohinj, Soca valley and Gorica hills.

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Additional information on trains and timetables

Call center - ?available from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.
tel.: +386 1 29 13 332

Automatic answering service
tel.: +386 090 93 9801

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  • Travelling by bus

Slovenia is very well connected with all European and Balkan cities. Local bus is well organized and quite cheap. Traveling across Slovenia by bus is easy and handy.

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Bus station Ljubljana
Trg OF 4
1000 Ljubljana
tel.: +386 1 23?4 46 00
fax: +386 1 234 46 01

It is recommended for bus operators, before coming to Slovenia, to verify if they are required to obtain special permits; for additional information search on the website of MINISTRY of TRANSPORT in Slovenia.

For the buses registered into EU the payment for road taxes in not required since Slovenia is full member of the EU.


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