Even countries are facing competition due to the globalization. If countries want to gain recognition in eyes of target groups they must develop elements that will represent the country and its people on touristic, economic, political, cultural, sport and other fields. The content and motivation of a country's population to live the brand, is the power of the brand.
 »I FEEL SLOVENIA« or »SLOVENIJO CUTIM« brand was developed by Ministry of the Economy of the Republic of Slovenia (in cooperation with Pristop agency) in 2007. The main reason was to increase recognition and to improve symbolic and actual status of the country.
Motto and corresponding logo were a first systematic step in developing the national brand. Government of the Republic of Slovenia wanted to increase tourist arrival, cultural cooperation, new investments, product and services sell and international reputation. 
We can't simply show an image of the country but you must feel and experience Slovenia. In this point, Slovenian brand is different than others. Brand identity represents functional advantages, developmental characteristics and emotional values. Powerful brand has become an excellent promotional tool of sovereign country. 
 »I FEEL SLOVENIA« logo represents a balance between calmness of the nature and diligence of Slovenes. It shows a spectacular preserved nature and determination to keep it as it is. The guidelines of the story are:
- Diligence in creating surpluses
- Slovenian difference can be felt
- Slovenia supports the pursuit of individual desires
- Slovenian Green
- Forward with nature
»I FEEL SLOVENIA« or »SLOVENIJO CUTIM« motto visualizes the logo of Slovenia. Every time an English version is used it should be pronounced with j. Well, this means that it should be pronounced »I fell SloveniJa« which emphasizes the connectedness of Slovenes and native language

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