How to Party in Ljubljana

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No one looks back on their life and remembers the nights they got plenty of sleep.

There is always a challenge when you want to party in the city you don’t know. Ljubljana is a small cosmopolitan city offering couple of hidden locations where you can mingle with locals while listening to superb popular music. My Guide put together 6 party advices how, when and where to party in Ljubljana. So if you want to have an unforgettable night in Ljubljana keep reading.

Party in Ljubljana

Ljubljana is a small city, so you probably won’t lost yourself, but on other hand, you won’t find good place to party on every corner. Follow these 6 party tips and experience the best of Ljubljana Nightlife.

1. Recommended days to go out - like in every small city, it’s impossible to find some good parties on certain days in the week. Usually most people go out on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. The worst days to go out are usually Mondays and Sundays, occasionally also Thursdays and Tuesdays.

2. The right time to enter the club - don’t go to the clubs before midnight, because you will find yourself alone in the club. We recommend you to visit clubs around midnight and 1am. Clubs are usually closing at 5 or 6 in the morning, but usually nothing good comes after 3am.


3. Check before going there - take time and check what kind of events are taking place on that night. Clubs have different events depends on the day, so even if you would love the club on Friday, you can find yourself hating the club on Saturday. The fanciest club in city can host a student party, so you want to be sure what’s going on.


4. Buy yourself VIP access - Especially if you are 25+, you probably want to get yourself the VIP access if possible. Sometimes a lot of younger people are on the dancefloor, so it’s nice to have the option to move to the VIP area. Usually it’s too late to buy VIP access on the doors of the club, so you want to do booking as soon as possible - to get private table or just VIP access, which is not expensive and worth buying it! The quickest and easiest way to buy VIP access or private table is here.

Party in Ljubljana

5. Join the Ljubljana Pub Crawl - without hustling and risking you won’t get a lot from the night in Ljubljana, you should join the Ljubljana Pub Crawl program. Awesome local party guide will take you and other cool tourists from bar to bar and in the end you will get to the best club in the town, depends on the night and your taste! It’s cheap and you will get free shots, free club entry and you won’t wait in line! More info here.


6. Hire a party guide - you can also hire a local party guide with Party In Ljubljana, who will be like your best friend who knows the city better than his own pocket! Fun and easy going guide can get you anywhere you want to go, he will introduce you to a lot of locals and he is a very good company to spend the night with. Find out more at Party in Ljubljana.


Because Ljubljana is small, know when and where are you going out. Most of locals love foreign people - which is especially great for single guys. :)