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Mountains folding over one another, arching up into bony ridges, their slopes draped in forest...

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One of the more dishevelled people emerging from Wimbledon train station on the evening of Sunday 3 July was yours truly. I stopped for a moment to catch my breath. I had forgotten what it was like to catch my breath.

Two and a half days before – 60 hours – I had been standing in the exact same spot, watching the first glints of sunlight creep above the buildings. I was bright eyed and nervously eager, but I struggled to recollect much beyond that. Too much had happened. My head was hopping with brand-new, exhilarating memories, all of them competing for attention, like Wack-A-Moles at a fair.

Several weeks earlier I had been given a travelling assignment by Sloveniathings to do in Slovenialocal experts