Tolmin gorges and Trenta Valley Attractions

One of the most famous, outstanding and gorgeous natural feature in Slovenia is indeed Tolmin gorge with Tolminka river. The junction of the gorges of the Tolminka and Zadlašcica rivers with their chutes is a unique phenomenon in Slovenia. The chute of the Tolminka River is about two hundred meters long and five to ten meters wide.

The spring of thermal water on the bank of the Tolminka just below the end of the trail through the chute is another great rarity in the alpine world. The well known Hudicev most ("Devil's Bridge") over which the Tolmin-Cadrg road passes arches sixty meters above the Tolminka, and above it is the entrance to the Zadlaška or Dante Cave. A triangular rock called the Medvedova glava ("Bear's Head") after its characteristic shape is wedged in the narrowest part of the Zadlašcica chute.

Just a step away you can find the Trenta valley with the turquoise river Soca. Soca is considered as one of the most beautiful rivers in Slovenia and the source of the Soca is ranked as one of the most magnificent karst springs in the Julian Alps. Throughout the year this valley, where seasons seem to change slowly, is a retreat for the body and mind and a well of energy and joy of life. The upper part of the Trenta valley is characterised by the diversity of its surface forms: steep slopes, deep-cut valleys, rare flat areas. The U-shaped valley was carved by a glacier. Forest covers the valley floor and extends to the tree line. Despite high proportion of beech stands, spruce, followed by beech, is the predominating tree species. Higher elevations are dominated by larches, whilst sunny slopes are characterised by warmth-loving stands of hop-hornbeams and ashes, and in the valley black pine stands can be found.

People with more adrenaline style of life can choose between numers activities which are offered by locals, such as: Canyoning, Rafting, Kayaking, Snorkeling, Riverboarding – Hydrospeeding, Swiming, Climbing, Biking, Horse riding, Hiking, Trekking etc.

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