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The Primorska region is an area of various surprises. Beside the coastal towns it is enriched by the natural beauties and rock settlements in the interior, which are impressed in the memory of everyone who visits them.

The city of Portorož attracts people from all over the world almost all parts of the year. It is a popular congress centre by the coast, where you can treat yourself in the luxury hotels with a vast offer of restaurants and events. In summer you can have fun in clubs, and all year long you can enjoy prestigious casinos, a sport airport and a modern marine. Only a few kilometres away lies the picturesque coastal city of Piran, which is so archaic and Mediterranean that it attracts more and more curious people. This is the feeling you get while walking the narrow streets among the closely joint houses which climb up like stairs towards the top of the ridge. Piran developed as an old harbour and fishing town built in the Middle Ages, and is completely protected as a cultural and historical monument. Today the town is a touristic site with many hotels, restaurants, museums and a beautiful aquarium.

By the 46.6 km long Slovene coast there is also the town of Koper, which is an important economic and cultural centre of the Slovene Istra. Its development is connected to the remarkably successful and for Slovenia and whole Eastern and Central Europe important harbour Luka Koper.

In the Primorska region we also find numerous Karst phenomena. Not far from Cerkno nature played with water and created a river outfall and a sinkhole at once in one small valley. This place is called Rakov Škocjan and is a part of the cultural heritage. 

Also the Karst caves are a Slovene particularity, some of the most beautiful ones are located right here in Primorska. By Divaca the Škocjan Caves are hidden, which are also placed on the list of the protected natural heritage. They are the deepest system of caves in Slovenia, and inside of them stalagmites and stalactites were created through centuries that will certainly take you to the magnificent underworld. In the caves various halls were shaped, among which Šumeca jama is probably the most inspiring one and through it an underworld river flows. The river runs 104 m below the ceiling, and in the limestone wall it shaped a narrow canyon that you can cross yourself 50 m above the ground.


In the eastern part of Primorska, also on the surface of the mysterious Karst, we find another pride of Slovenia. The Lipica stud farm has been operational since 1580, and from there the world famous horse Lipizzaner comes from. Its beauty shines in its movement, since its unstoppable attractiveness lies in the harmony of moves. The white stud is a breed of the original karst horse, mixed with the Spanish, Neapolitan and Arabian horse, and if you decide to visit it you will certainly be charmed by its beauty. Even Napoleon was! Besides that Lipica is also a place to relax in the natural environment with numerous hotels, restaurants, golf courses and casinos.

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