Bled with its surroundings

The north-west, Alpine part of Slovenia is represented by the most developed region Upper Carniola. The symbol of the Upper Carniola is certainly Lake Bled. Surrounded by steep hills it creates an idyllic mountain spot. In the summer it is a place to swim and enjoy the sun, and in the winter a place to relax after skiing. All year long you can choose from a variety of sport activities, and all those who would like to get your special wish come true can go to the island and ring the bell of wishes in the church!

Above the lake rises the three-peaked Triglav, the highest mountain in Slovenia. We are very proud of it, and an unwritten rule says that every 'true' Slovene has to climb Triglav at least once in his life.

The region is the home of winter sports. You can find many ski slopes which attract numerous guests anxious for good skiing every year. The most famous among those is the ski centre Kranjska Gora, where also the competition for world ski cup Vitranc takes place every year. Of course, Kanin, Bovec, and Vogel also offer unforgettable skiing memories. In Planica, not far away, you can enjoy endlessly long ski jumps. At the world's most famous Ski jump piste, Letalnica bratov Gorišek, a world record of 239m long ski jump was set. Actually, world's longest ski jumps were being broken in Planica regularly since 1984. This world competition therefore attracts a great number of tourists who want to witness the humans actually flying. All these events are at the same time an excellent opportunity to have a good time with your friends along with good music and food. It's really great fun to be there, don't miss this opportunity!

The Upper Carniola is beautified also by Lake Bohinj, which is located at the entrance into the marvellous Triglav National Park. The latter is one of the largest protected areas in Europe. This mountain silence with untouched nature inspires many tourists and climbers. The park is adorned by a wonderful view of the Julian Alps, waterfalls, Triglav Lakes and other natural beauties. But you cannot forget to visit also the Pokljuka Gorge and the Vintgar Gorge. In the valleys with extremely narrow slopes, nature will offer you an unforgettable walk between the rocks and the river which wounds into rapids, pools and in some parts changes into waterfalls.

Besides the Julian Alps, the enchanting image of the Upper Carniola is brought also by the Karavanke Mountains and the Kamnik Alps. In the latter, in the area of Velika, Mala and Gojška planina, the ancient tradition of the shepherds was preserved. They retain the distinctive wooden shepherd's buildings with an oval ground plan and a special kind of dried and ornamented gift cheeses called Trnici.

A completely different world of the Upper Carniola region is represented by Škofja Loka, an old administration centre of the area, once owned by the Bavarian bishops from Freising. In the little town with a marvellous old centre you have the opportunity every year to witness the staging of the oldest drama work in Slovene language, Škofjeloški pasjon.

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