Brežice with its surroundings

Brežice is an important cultural, educational and health centre of the Posavje region. The town fortified by walls developed already in the Middle Ages next to the luxuriant castle, where today the Brežice Regional Museum and the famous Viteška dvorana (Knight's Hall) are located, that latter being the largest hall with baroque paintings in Central Europe. There you can witness the most prestigious cultural events. Other particularities of the town are also Vodovodni stolp (the Water Tower) and the old bridge across the rivers Sava and Krka.

An important economic centre of the region is also Krško, which was once an important port by the Sava river, since it was already called Neviodonum by the Romans. Today it is known mostly for the only Slovene nuclear power plant.

In the surroundings of the towns, the tourists will be attracted to the mildly wavy countryside with its intact spots, with numerous possibilities for spending free time. In the hills of Bizeljsko the hospitable local people will gladly open the doors of their Repnice, very special 'basements' of sand and gravel, hidden in the sides of the hills above their vineyards. In the Mokrice Castle, which is surrounded by a beautiful English park on the little hill, you can play golf and enjoy a medieval stay in a luxurious hotel or have a lunch in the castle's restaurant. The largest spa in Slovenia Terme Catež is also very well-known among tourists, and there you can enjoy healing thermal springs, temperature of which can reach even up to 620C. If you travel with children, also their visit to Terme Catež will be an unforgettable water entertainment experience.

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