Travel by Car in Slovenia

The best way to travel around the country is by car. Slovenia is small so by car you can reach any destination in a short time. If you have the opportunity, arrive to Slovenia with your own car or rent one when you get here and discover all the treasures this country has, even the most hidden ones.

You can enter the country through several border crossing points with Italy, Austria, Hungary or Croatia. Roads and roads signs are good and every few kilometers you will find a rest stop, restaurant, hotel and a gas station. Just don't forget to buy the Vignette.

To Slovenia by car


  • from Villach (Austria): E61
  • from Klagenfurt (Austria): E652 and E61
  • from Graz (Austria): E57 or E59
  • from Trieste (Italy): E70 or E61
  • from Zagreb (Croatia): E70
  • from Budapest (Hungary): E71 and E70

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Documents needed to enter Slovenia with a car
Foreign drivers from the EU and those from elsewhere as well need a certificate of registration and insurance policy, which pertains to the car.

Drivers from the EU are advised to obtain the Green Card issued by their insurer before traveling, which in the case of traffic accident helps with facilitating the exchange of information. For drivers from non EU countries, the Green Card is mandatory. The form of Green Card is available on every international border crossing point. Press here for more information about Green Card.


Vignette – toll stickers

Speed limitation on Slovenian roads

  Car Bus/Lorry
Village 50 km/h 50 km/h
Regional roads 90 km/h 80 km/h
Express roads 100 km/h 80 km/h
Motorways 130 km/h 80 km/h

Mandatory regulation on Slovenian roads

  • Usage of dimmed headlights (even during the day)
  • Usage of safety belts on all seats where belts are installed
  • Usage of type-approved motorcycle helmet for drivers and passengers on motorcycle
  • Usage of fog lights is permitted only when visibility is reduced by more than 50 percent

Blood alcohol level
Drivers of A and B categories are allowed to have up to 0,5 gram of alcohol per kilo of blood while driving, provided that even at lower concentrations of alcohol they do not show disturbances in behavior.

Petrol stations
Petrol stations on motorways and express roads are opened continuously. At all stations unleaded petrol and diesel are available, on some petrol stations auto gas as well. Major petrol stations in Slovenia are Petrol and OMW.

Automobile Association of Slovenia (AMZS)
Automobile Association provides a 24 hour assistance. There are 18 technical centers across the country. The number for assistance is 1987. On motorways telephones are placed on every two kilometers. If possible, AMZS service will repair the car at the point where it broke down, otherwise you will be transported to the nearest station.

Traffic and road information

  • Traffic and road information on express and regional roads
    Telephone number: 1970 or
  • Traffic and road information on motorways
    Telephone number: 080 22 44


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