The Slovenian Alphabet

The Slovenian alphabet (abeceda) has 25 letters. It differs from the English alphabet in that it has no letters x, y, w, and q, (you will find them in spellings of foreign names, places, etc.) but the following three letters (known as šumniki) are added:
  • ch as in chocolate, chicken
  • š sh as in shop, ship
  • ž ge as in courgette, or as the s in measure

Here are the 25 Slovenian letters. Each of them is pronounced in the same way as the italicized letters in the English words next to them. The translation of these words into Slovenian is also given:

a alphabet abeceda m mother mama
b bank banka n nature narava
c pizza pica o opera opera
c chocolate cokolada p pepper poper
d director direktor r revolution revolucija
e electricity elektrika s salt sol
f fantasy fantazija š champagne šampanjec
g gorilla gorila t television televizija
h house hiša u moon luna
i information informacija v villa vila
j yes ja z zebra zebra
k coffee kava ž garage garaža
l legend legenda      

A simple guide to pronunciation

This is just a basic simple guide which should give you an idea of how the language is pronounced:

The Slovenian language is mostly phonetic, which means that it is pronounced as it is written. Each letter has only one specific sound which makes reading and writing easy. It is very important to remember the correct sounds of the letters and once you have done so you will be able to read and write with hardly any mistakes. The grammar, on the other hand, is a special chapter and requires a lot of time even for native Slovenian speakers to learn it properly.

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