Rafting in Slovenia


Slovenian rafting tradition dates way back in 19th century. Floating on a raft and driving through many bumpy rapids or steady river is always fun experience. It can be an extreme adrenaline ride or just pleasant one, depends on wishes and skills of participants.
Aktivni Planet offers everything on the highest level. Experienced team, safe equipment, spectacular surroundings and crystal clear white water will definitely bring joy which you will never forget.
The Team – Aktivni Planet – was established by two ex-members of world championship winners (six times) Beaver - Rafting team. With their knowledge, experience and enthusiasm they provide the best possible experience.
Breathtaking surroundings - Soča valley is a proud member of European Destinations of Excellence and offers spectacular views on canyons, waterfalls, mountains and forest. Moreover, it boasts diverse flora as well as fauna. Besides adrenaline activities on Soča river the valley is also know for its hospitality, genuine cuisine, world known wine and gambling in famous Nova Gorica.
Crystal clear river – Soča River has been considered to be one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe. With its clearness and emerald colour it has the power to charm every guest. Even though it can be still a bit cold for some during the summer, visitors can look up for Nadiža river which is also beautiful and clear while its temperatures rise on more than 20 degrees Celsius in the summer. 
Enjoyment – Aktivni Planet provides everything you need for safe and sound activity. Due to professional organization maximum enjoyment is guaranteed.

For safe and the best Rafting experience in Soča Valley contact Aktivni Planet.