Kayaking in Slovenia

Kayaking is a highly popular adrenalin sport where paddler steers kayak on steady water or through rapids using a paddle. Due to easy steering hidden places of the river can be easily explored, fast currents to be found and low rocks to be crossed. Kayaking in becoming more and more popular in recent years and in Slovenia there is no difference. Be one with nature, be one with water – take kayak and be free.

After few instructions for the maximum safety all you need is positive energy and some strength in your arms. Going deeply into river channel you'll be able to observe magnificent nature surrounding you, crystal clear water beneath you and excellent company with you.

Aktivni Planet offers Kayak school where participants get to know better kayaking, its basics as well as tip&tricks during two or five day course held by licenced instructor.

Kayaking on Soča River is possible even though you don't have any experience at all. With Topo-Duo even youngest and not prepared enough participants will be able to enjoy all the beauties of this emerald river and picturesque valley.

Aktivni Planet also offers Kayak trips suitable for people with more experience. Individual guiding on harder sections of Soča River will provide maximum satisfaction for most demanding guests.

For safe and the best Kayaking experience in Soča Valley contact Aktivni Planet.