Canyoning in Slovenia

Combination of different adrenaline activities such as climbing, jumping, rappelling, sliding and walking combined with awe-inspiring canyon provide unforgettable experience called Canyoning. To warm up, participants usually walk to the starting point and after few instructions from experienced guides adrenaline fun can begin.

Aktivni Planet offers several different locations each depending on participants’ knowledge and wishes. Canyoning is possible through canyons of Sušec, Fratarica, Predilnica, Minarica in Goloboški potok.

Fratarica – Beautiful canyon offers memorable experience lasting from two to four hours. In this period participants will experience fun water sliding, adrenaline jumping and fun rappelling embraced with breath-taking nature. And since best things come on the end, highest waterfall Parabola awaits you there.

Predilnica – Besides unforgettable activity Predilnica also offers incredible views on the Loška stena rock wall. If we add jumping into emerald pools, climbing down high cliffs and sliding through squiggly water slides we can summarize this activity as complete and perfect. Upper Predilnica is suitable for beginners as well as experienced participants. On the other hand, lower Predilnica offers impressive time just to experienced participant with a »grand finale«, breath-taking 40 m high waterfall begging to be climbed.

For safe and the best Canyoning experience in Soča Valley contact Aktivni Planet.