MC Hostel Brezice
  • MC Hostel Brezice

  • Address: Gubčeva 10a, 8250 Brežice, Brezice

MC Hostel Brezice - Slovenia

MC Hostel Brežice offers a multidimensional experience combining pleasant ambiance, friendly staff & accommodation with culture, art & fun.

MC Hostel Brezice is Best For

Backpackers Groups Students

Directions to MC Hostel Brezice

Not far away from the Brežice Castle, near the largest Slovenian natural spas and the second largest Slovenian tourist center Terme Catež, pearly confluence of the rivers Krka and Sava, there is the Youth Centre Brežice with MC Hostel Brežice where they provide accommodation, relaxation, socializing and many experiences of your choice. It is suitable for members of all generations from the youngest to those of mature years.

Address: Gubčeva 10a , 8250 Brežice , East View Larger Map