Zip Line in Slovenia

Zip-Line is an adrenalin activity where participant takes an unforgettable ride on a cable spanning from one high point to another. During the ride she or he can observe majestic mountains on one side, peaceful valley beneath or endless forests smiling from all around.

Zip-Line Park in Slovenia is situated in Krnica Valley where it offers supreme fun with 2.4 km of zip-lining. "zipping" from one hill to another with 40-60 km/h and 200m above green valley is truly a breathtaking experience.

The first shot of adrenaline is provided by a ride with 4x4 truck on a scenic mountain road where all passengers can enjoy grumpy ride and beautiful views. When Zip-Line starting point is reached instructors will provide all the needed information for a safe and enjoyable ride.

Skills are not required but there is an age restriction of 10 years. Furthermore, Aktivni Planet recommends comfortable clothes and lots of positive energy. That's all it takes.

Now .. we wish you a pleasant flight.

For safe and the best Zip Line experience in Soča Valley contact Aktivni Planet.